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About Gijos Klinikos

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Located in Kaunas, Gijos Klinikos is one of the largest private Lithuanian medical clinics. You will find here a wide spectrum of health and beauty services, medical innovations, and a team of doctors belonging to a variety of medical fields.

A wide spectrum of services

  • In the Center for Consultations, Diagnostics and Therapy, professional doctors-specialists consult: orthopedics-traumatologists for children and adults, rehabilitators, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists for children and adults, vascular surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgery doctors, abdominal surgery doctors, cardiologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, urologists, proctologists, echographers, radiotherapists, endocrinologists, foot care specialists, masseurs, hematologists, pediatricians, therapists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists etc.;
  • Modern equipment, which conforms to the highest quality standards, guarantee preciseness when performing laboratory, radiographic and ultrasound examinations;
  • Decades of specialists’ experience determines exceptional work in the operating rooms of Surgery Center when applying the most advanced surgical methods in the areas of orthopedics, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, abdominal and bariatric surgery, gynecology and urology;
  • Honest care and professionalism help the patients to more quickly recover after traumas and surgeries at the Out-Patient and Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers. Complex “from – to” treatment is applied for the patients: physiotherapy, therapy, ergotherapy, medicated massage, water procedures etc.

The surgeons of Gijos Klinikos are the leaders in the area of orthopedic surgeries. In 2018, for the very first time in Lithuania, arthroscopic decompressive shoulder surgery was performed at the Surgery Center by using the OrthoSpace InSpace biologic implant. In the same year, a first unique reconstructive surgery of the cartilage of the knee was performed, during which the defects in the patient’s cartilage were fixed by cartilage cells belonging to the very same patient. For the very first time in Lithuania, during surgery, regenerative A-PRP (plasma enriched with thrombocytes) therapy was applied. Gijos Klinikos apply innovative treatment method of osteoarthritis of the knee joint and in 2020, for the very first time in Lithuania, a unique surgery of cruciate ligaments of the knee joint in accordance with the new treatment method was performed.

Orthopedics and vascular surgery

In the modern and up-to-date outfitted operating rooms, arthroscopic knee, elbow, shoulder joint surgeries, knee and hip joints endo-prosthesis and corrective feet surgeries are performed, and the widened leg veins are treated with modern laser technology and bio-glue.

Bariatric surgery

Innovative laparoscopic (minimally invasive) stomach reduction surgeries are performed. This determines an easier post-operative period, a quicker going back to the usual way of life and larger surgical scars are avoided. Donatas Danys, MD, PhD, in 2021, at Gijos Klinikos was the very first in Europe to perform Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Plastic surgery

The most popular plastic surgery operations are performed: increasing of breasts/buttocks with implants or fat, fat suction, contouring of body with fat, abdominal wall plastic, Mommy Makeover, plastic of upper and lower eyelids, gynecomastia etc.


After surgeries, the patients wake up in cozy one-room wards and for 24 hours are supervised by professional staff. For the comfort of patients, the wards have a TV and Wi-Fi, separate bathrooms, and the most necessary means of hygiene are provided.

High quality medical services

The specialists working at Gijos Klinikos continuously keep up-to-date in modern technologies and broaden their knowledge in secondment assignments in various countries. Gijos Klinikos, by investing in the most modern medical equipment, can offer professional treatment, which conforms to the EU and international standards. Cozy and aesthetic environment and smiling staff offering splendid service, confidentiality and comfort await the patients.       

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